Bits of Lisp Code

CLX for Lispworks/Linux  

 For some reason, Xanalys do not make their version of CLX for Lispworks available for Linux. I guess they would argue that it really isn't needed as they supply both CLIM 2.0 and their own CAPI for producing user interfaces. I, however wanted a substansial lisp program to look at, and so I ported the original CLX sources (available at CLX.R5.02.tar.Z ) to LispWorks. Someone (eg, who wants to look at the FreeCLIM stuff) may be interested.  The port works 'out of the box' but if you would like support for CLX over UNIX domain sockets, you will also need my domain sockets stuff below.

UNIX domain sockets for LispWorks  

While porting the above, I thought it would be cool for access to X on local machines to go through UNIX domain sockets rather than TCP sockets. Lispworks doesn't provide an interface directly to these, so I coded one up. It is in the package, which seems rather grand, but basically I aim to add support for other things like UDP which LW doesn't support nativly, as time goes by. It is licenced under the LLGPL (see for details).
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